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Ребята, мы ищем талантливых и увлеченных программистов!
Если вы узнали себя в размещенных ниже объявлениях,
или у вас есть знакомые с такими знаниями и способностями – милости просим! :)
Стучите в личку.

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    Julia Zagnina ответил:

    VB/SQL Software engineer

    You want challenge and success in life? You need to implement your potential, experience and knowledge and get even more experience? This vacancy is exactly what you were looking for!
    A successful Ukrainian-Canadian companyis looking for a VB/SQL developer.

    •Visual Basic 6
    •Reports development experience: Active Reports or Crystal (expert)
    •SQL (decent knowledge)
    •Stored procedures
    •XML, XSLT

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    Julia Zagnina ответил:

    Senior C# software engineer

    We are looking for a highly motivated .NET Web Application Developer to join our development team.This C# developer will have 3 years of related experience with proven skills in development of simple to complex web applications written with Microsoft .NET development tools.
    •3 years of solid commercial application development experience and related IT experience
    •Developing distributed applications using 00 methods
    •Excellent experience with utilizing C#, .NET framework, ASP.NET, Web Services, Visual Studio.
    •Good understanding of the following: Web Services, Reflection, .NET Enterprise Services. .NET Serialization and Attributes definition, ADO.NET, SOAP, XML etc . . .
    •Strong knowledge of RDBMS, especially SQL Server 2000.
    •Creating stored procedures and optimizing SQL queries
    •Strong interpersonal skills
    •Ability to work under pressure with multiple priorities
    •Efficient time and deadline management
    •Ability to work in a team environment
    •Good communication (both verbal & written) and problem solving skills

    We offer attractive working conditions, friendly and initiative team, good growth potential, high salary

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    Julia Zagnina ответил:

    PHP developer

    We need peson with 3+ years of experience and strong understanding ofMVC technology, crossbrowser compatibility, W3C standarts.


    -strong knowledge ofPHP 4/5;

    Recommended skills:JavaSсript, Smarty, XML, Apache, Linux

    Please send us links to yourcreations.

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    Julia Zagnina ответил:

    C# developer

    Candidates should have practical understanding of the 3 main tiers of web services.

    Required skills:
    - C#, VB, .NET, ASP
    - DHTML, HTML, JScript, CSS
    - Database (TSQL)
    - Middle tier objects
    - Web servers (IIS, HTTP, JavaSсript, XML, XSLT, etc)
    - Software Development Life cycle (spec, design, dev, unit test, doc, build, release)
    Recommended skills:
    - Design patterns (Factory methods, Integrators, etc) and other OO paradigms

    We offer attractive working conditions, friendly and initiative team, good growth potential, high salary

Клуб программистов работает уже ой-ой-ой сколько, а если поточнее, то с 2007 года.