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I am a german and i have a question:
In germany each site need an "Impressum". There u need to write your name and your adress.

1st Question:
You need that in russia to?

2nd Question:
If i host my site on russish servers, i need it too (if the answer on the 1st question is no)

Please answer ins a message :)


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    Дмитрий Молостов ответил:

    Работает и ладно ;)

  2. 3
    Сергей Jensi ответил:

    >it works and that's good;)
    :) ))

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    Вадим Харитонов ответил:

    my web-site place somewhere in Netherland;) and I'm not panic where it is :) it works and that's good;)
    server hasn't got difference with the domains name. maybe, u have problem only if your domain name was written in germany with o umlaud, a umlaud, u umlaud and 'ss' symbol;)

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    Дмитрий Молостов ответил:

    1st answer
    No, we don't need to break our privacy in Russia. We don't have to place on web any impressums and so on.
    2nd answer
    No, but what you mean? If your site domain got name, as i think, there is no difference between hosting on any servers. So use neutral domain names: net, org, com, maybe ru. And foreign hosts. :D

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