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Имеется заявка на такого специалиста.
Прошу объяснить мне обязанности данного специалиста.
P.S. проблема не в английском(коим я обладаю), а в отсутствии технических знаний.

Project Manager
St. Petersburg (SPb), Russia Office

1.Oversees engagement to ensure that Client receives the contract services in accordance with cost, schedule and performance objectives
2.Directs all activities associated with mandated requirements
3.Consults with ХХХХХХХХХ and Client team members to proactively alleviate issues
4.Negotiates and oversees budgets, services and statements of work with Client based upon mutually predetermined priorities
5.Maintains a close relationship with Client, provides guidance, assesses requirements for additional services and promotes use of ХХХХХХХХХ services where appropriate
6.Recognizes and identifies potential areas where existing policies and procedures require change or where new ones need to be developed
7.Monitors and reports performance of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to Client
8.Coordinates with off-site project team
9.Liaisons with client team leads, client business analysts, client IT SMEs, etc.
10.Assists users in prioritizing new development projects, enhancement projects for existing systems, and system maintenance requests
11.Assesses alternative systems approaches for workability and economic feasibility
12.Supervises and guides the detailed design and development activities for Trouble Ticket (TT) and Change Request (CR) efforts
13.Estimates staff resource needs for analysts, developers, client personnel, and equipment
14.Plans team member work assignments and schedules, and guides and monitors work performance
15.Reviews documentation and assures it is complete, acceptable and accords with standards
16.Prepares regular project status reports
17.Assists in the preparation of employee evaluations as required
18.Makes recommendations regarding staffing requirements
19.Ensures that team members comply with ХХХХХХХ documentation and knowledge management policies and procedures

Education and Experience
1.Bachelors degree in a related field required
2.Masters degree in Project Management or Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification required*** (not required if experience is present)
3.5-7 years IT project management experience required
4.8-10 years work related experience required

Кого заинтересовала позиция, готова расписать по условиям, пишите в личку.
+американская компания
+стабильная, долго на рынке
+сотрудничает с крупными отечественными и зарубежными клиентами
+возможны командировки за границу
+работа в филиале в Санкт-Петербурге

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    Света Фуртаева ответил:

    2. Masters degree in Project Management or Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification required*** (not required if experience is present)

    Что такое Trouble Ticket (TT) and Change Request (CR) efforts , Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

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    Илья Мингалиев ответил:

    Лучше указать, какие пункты непонятны

Клуб программистов работает уже ой-ой-ой сколько, а если поточнее, то с 2007 года.