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Hi. Do any of you guys speak English? Unfortunatly I don't speak Russian yet but would like to ask you so questions

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    Михаил Афанасьев ответил:

    There are many developers firms in Russia. Some of them are leaders in theis branches of programming in the world (e.g. such as mobile applications and computer or console games). Tou can find such organization in Saint-Petersburg or Moscow.
    Look at this? for example:

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    John Dawson ответил:


    I am learning programming at university, I am doing .NET languages, C++, SQL, VBA, COM, ActiveX this year and I hope to do Silverlight in the summer, and next year we start to do advanced .NET and all web languages, maybe Flash and Java as well.

    I was wondering if there are good jobs in countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine for programmers?
    I will also have CCNA and MSCE

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    Викуля Куранова ответил:


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    Михаил Афанасьев ответил:

    Yes, I'm listening for you.

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