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Игровой студии требуется Lead Flash Developer со знанием англ.яз.

-Flash game ActionScript (AS2 and AS3) programming in Flash 8 and Flash CS4.
-Flash game graphical and sound implementation in FLA files.

Опыт работы:
- General Flash competence (Flash 8 and Flash CS3 / CS4).
- General software development competence.
-Teamwork skills.

- Minimum 4 years of experience working with Flash, of which at least 2 years working with Flash 8.
- Experience from developing online games is a plus, but not required.

Необходимые навыки:
- Object-oriented programming in AS2 and AS3.
- Design patterns, OOP solutions.
- Implementation of graphics (bitmaps and vector) and sound in Flash using the Flash IDE.
- Team Lead experience
- Strong communication skills in oral and written English.

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Клуб программистов работает уже ой-ой-ой сколько, а если поточнее, то с 2007 года.